Crystal (First names only due to HIPPA)

Ben is an exceptional massage therapist. He listens to your complaints, then with intuition and he's vast knowledge of how the body/muscles are interconnected gets to work on making you feel amazing. I personally only get deep tissue massages and his technique works wonders! I've been to many massage therapists between several states and Ben is definitely one of the best I have ever experienced. He has helped me with a rib that pops out of place, TMJ, headaches, neck, hip, shoulder, and leg pains. Not only do I feel better after my visits (though sometimes sore) I sleep better and my mood is overall improved. He's shown me techniques I can do at home to help mitigate the pain between visits, which proves to be helpful especially when traveling.

Ben is a professional and personable individual, who creates a relaxed customized (your choice of music) atmosphere. He takes his time with each person, making you feel important and that your well-being matters. The building, office, and room are all clean and inviting.


Ariel gave awesome deep tissue massage. She's really strong. My first deep tissue massage ever. She was nice, attentive to needs, not over-talkative, smooth massage flow. Able to do 60-90 deep tissue massage without letting up. I'm very impressed. I don't often get massages but if I do she'd get return appointments by me. She is highly recommended in my book.


Ben did an amazing job ensuring that I was comfortable with the atmosphere and massage experience. He was very knowledgeable of all trigger points and very amiable. I definitely recommend him! Thanks so much, Ben! 


I was super impressed with my massage therapist, I was in an accident about 3 1/2 years ago. And received massages for about a year and a half after. I could not find anyone that could relieve my pain And the relaxation was unbelievable! It was the perfect amount of pressure, and I could tell he could target my scar tissue area in my shoulder blades. Ben is one of the most Affective massage therapist ever !!! 


I was referred by a friend to Ben to begin trying to aliveate high tension in my lower back. Upon arriving I was greeted with a understanding professionalism that was inquisitive about fixing my issues. After my first visit, though sore, I noticed great relief and easier to fall asleep. The visit in itself was very comfortable and relaxing. 


I've been going to Ben a lil over two weeks. I've been struggling with occipital neurologia. The headaches at times having been excruciating, keeping me from being able to sleep at night for the past year. Going to him has helped tremendously, no headaches, and no more tension in my neck or upper back. If that isn't enough he also has helped improve my posture which had changed over the last few years. I feel great and this has been an amazing life changing experience. He has been blessing. I encourage anyone in need of great massage to go to him. He will not disappoint.

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