Our Owner

Hi. I’m Ben. My passion for massage therapy started, when I decided to attend the Louisiana Institute of Massage Therapy. I was unsure at first, but two weeks in, I was in love. After being in the retail automotive industry for 13 years, the realization that I could actually help others improve their wellbeing was mind blowing. Since graduating, I have had the opportunity to work and train with renowned massage therapist, teacher, and author Susan Salvo. Even though I received an excellent education during school, I immediately went to work at a physical therapy clinic to further my knowledge of anatomy and how to properly treat the different ailments I would encounter during my practice. I offer a range of massage from Swedish to pre/post event massage. I am also a certified lymphatic drain specialist.

I believe the body has the potential to heal itself. As a society, we have become dependent on medications for everything. While medications have their place, there are many alternative holistic practices that can help cure and prevent ailments. With the hustle and bustle in our everyday lives, we often don't take the time to take care of ourselves. If you buy a new car and never take it in for maintenance, your tires will wear out quickly, and eventually you will burn up the engine. That's why it's so important to take your car in for regularly scheduled maintenance. The same goes for your body. If you are always stressed out, from life or from injury, you can end up with hypertension, weight gain due to cortisol production, heart disease, and many other problems. If coupled with a healthy lifestyle, massage can help reduce the likelihood of these issues. That's why it is vital to get a regularly scheduled massage in order to keep your stress under control, help your body run to fullest potential, and allow it to heal itself.

Because of my background as a personal trainer, I specialize in working with athletes. I know how the rigors of sports training can affect the body.

In my free time, I enjoy riding my motorcycle, reading, playing and watching sports, hanging out with friends, and playing guitar. My favorite past time is hitting the weights at the gym.