Dedicated to Improving your quality of life


Welcome to Healing Touch Bodyworks, your home for massage and holistic healing in Lake Charles, Louisiana where we are "Dedicated to improving your quality of life". We are proud to announce we have just opened a brand new office in Denver, Colorado!

We believe the addition of massage is a great accompaniment to a holistic lifestyle. It can help with stress relief, headaches, muscle pain, mobility, sports performance, and many other ailments. The body is like a car. Just as a car needs scheduled maintenance to prevent larger problems, so does the body.

Healing Touch Bodyworks, born in April of 2014, was concieved with the idea that, through touch and utilization of many techniques, manipulation of the body can bring about healing.  We are tenacious in our pursuit of excellence in both meeting our clients' needs and striving to be better each day.  With the concept that it's all about the client, we offer a unique experience that is different from anywhere else.  Everything is costomized to the client from the massage (no "cookie cutter" here) to the music you want to hear.

Our Vision: A natural approach to health and wellbeing.

Our Mission:  Dedicated to improving your quality of life.

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