Why You Should Consider Getting A Massage

For years massage has had a negative reputation. It has been thought or as just a way to treat oneself for recreation or associated with “Asian massage” parlors.  If you walk into a business that has no visible license posted for the people doing massage, you are in an “Parlor”.  This is a place of prostitution and human trafficking. Any legitimate massage business has to have licensing for the therapists.  As we progress as a society, we are starting to realize the health benefits of massage and utilizing it as an integral part of healthcare.  There are many benefits to massage and the more often done the more effectiveness you will see. The benefit I want to discuss today is stress related. Although genetics and lifestyle play a part, experts have come to the conclusion that 75-90% of hospital visits are attributed to stress.

When you get stressed, the most common problems the average person will experience are hypertension and depressions/anxiety. Hypertension (high blood pressure), which most people take medication for, leads to stroke and/or heart attack so naturally we want to eliminate the risk before it gets to that point. A study conducted at the Wirral Metropolitan College Department of Medicine showed that massage on a regular basis lowered heart rate as well as both diastolic and systolic blood pressure.  A relaxed body is less stressed which reduces the strain on the heart. Stress can also cause feelings of depression or anxiety. These two ailments can lead to medication dependencies as well as put extra strain on your systems. Massage releases endorphins. Endorphins fight the effects of depression and anxiety. The more massage you get the more endorphins are released the less depressed and anxious you feel. Therefore, regular massage, by reducing stress and eliminating the illness caused by stress, can ultimately lead to the elimination of many medications and increase the quality of your life.

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