Ben is the best massage therapist in the South West Louisiana area!!!!! I have referred ALL of my Family and Friends!! GREAT JOB!!!

- Tonya

Best massage ever!!! Can't wait to get another one! 🙂

Shawna F.

Great massage! Really liked the pressure and stretches were awesome!

Dustin S.

Hands down- best massage I've ever gotten! I've had several professional massages before and Ben has truly raised the bar. As a chronic migraine sufferer, who has tried everything under the sun, I decided to give massage therapy one last shot. I'm so thankful I did. Thanks for your amazing work and truly helpful insight, Ben!

- Jessica J.

Ben is great!! He is gentle yet works out the kinks. Definitely should give him a try.

Megan S.

The best massage therapist around!!! Have gone to a few others but Ben is by far the best

Brittnay P.

Benjamin was very strong , professional and courteous. I was very nervous about going to a male massage therapist, but he put those worries to rest. I've already scheduled my next appointment! Best massage ever!

- Fran L.

I've used several different massage therapists in the area and Ben is the best! His technique is different, focusing on fixing the issues that cause your muscle pain/tension/aches, not just going through the motions. I highly recommend him!

- Penny M.

Best. Massage Therapist. EVER. Never going to anyone else!

- Emily M.

Just finished an awesome massage with Ben.....much needed. Can't wait for next one.

- Tico S.

I received a therapeutic massage for my tight IT band and quadriceps from Benjamin. After the very first half hour session the knots in my quadriceps were gone and I had improved range of motion. I have had very tight quadriceps for the last couple of years if I knew this could be fixed so quickly I would have made an appointment sooner.

- , Rhett B.

My massage with Ben was fabulous. His physical strength was intimidating at first, but I was instantly at ease due to his complete control and gentle even pressure. Don’t get me wrong…when you ask him to increase the pressure and he uses that power he can get deep into
any spot that gives you trouble. Ben creates a workspace that feels balanced, calming and safe. The result for me was an overwhelming feeling of relaxation and healing. I still feel the benefits of his massage.

- Kathy K.